What is Real?

I woke up at 2.50 am today and smiled. It was one of those deep dreams again; rather one of those dreams within a dream.

Every time when I have had such an experience, I wake up feeling empty, experiencing a sense of mental vacuum. The body feels deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Each time when I come to the waking state of my current consciousness after a “dream within a dream” experience, there is usually a key learning associated with the experience. My spiritual guide is always a part of such experiences either directly or indirectly. He is either there himself, or through somebody else as His “messenger” or as a memory of Him as an omnipresence. In fact, without Him, these dreams feel so real that I wonder if I can come back to what I consider as “real”. (Readers: Is my language causing doubt and confusion?)

So, this is what happened….

I was in my old home in the city of Mumbai and living a happy family life.  All was well and running smoothly.

Then one day, all of a sudden there was a question that arose in my mind. “Hey, how come we are still staying in this flat? We had sold this flat to someone else, is it not?” I had realised a truth, in the dream, that the place where I was staying had actually been sold away by my parents sometimes back and therefore all this could not be true. In the dream, I explained to my near and dear ones about what I had realised. I tried to explain to them that we were not in a state of reality but we were living in a state of mere mental projection. But they would not agree.

They considered that I had lost my mental balance and tried to keep me imprisoned in the flat. I remember feeling alone and lost. I remember that my need to escape from that place was so great that I was ready to even jump out of the window and run away.  I remember that I tried to take help from various sources including my favourite gods but nothing seemed to work.  My family members were deeply concerned about my mental health. With all good intentions, they even tried to sedate me with injections. I begged them not to do so, and tried to convince them to see the truth that all of us were actually hallucinating and none of what we were experiencing was the truth. But they were convinced that I had “lost it” and continues to put  all their aggressive efforts to “help” me.

Finally, I remembered my Master (Spiritual Guide).

In the dream I lay in the bed, and next to me lay my cousin who is actually a meditation trainer, like myself, in my current level of waking consciousness that I consider real.(Readers: Hope confusion regarding the choice of words was lesser this time!). My cousin was simply watching what was happening. I was about to be sedated with an injection when I begged him, ”Please tell Master that I am stuck here and that only He can help me. If He does not come to save me then I am lost forever.”

The moment I said this, I woke up in the apartment where my parents stay today in Mumbai. “Atlast, the real thing,” I thought. I was extremely relieved that I had escaped from the earlier trap and was finally in the place that seemed “truly” real.

Then all of a sudden I snapped out of my sleep and woke up in my “real” home in Bangalore. It was 2.50 am.

Even as I am writing this experience, with an intention to share it with all of you, I am wondering if there is still another “real dimension” where the “real me” is waiting to wake up and if there are still more realities to wake up to, after that.

“It is a journey towards infinity”, is what my spiritual guides have told us. After this experience, I can align much more with this teaching.

When I woke up and adjusted to my current level of consciousness which I consider as real (Readers: Hope by now there is no confusion!), I asked myself a question. “What is the key lesson I learnt?” Instantly came the reply

“O Master. Thou Art The Real Goal Of Human Life.

We Are Yet, But Slaves Of Wishes

Putting Bar To Our Advancement.

Thou Art The Only God And Power

To Bring Us Up To That Stage.”

I close this article with a gentle reminder for all the readers to watch the movie Inception in case you have still not watched it. That movie was based on a similar concept. Those who have a spiritual leaning and have yet not watched it, please consider watching it. The movie has explained a very deep meta physical concept using a very powerful storyline. I had to watch it 2 to 3 times to really get a good understanding of it.

Has this sharing cause some real steering within you? If yes then do comment and let me know. Heartful Vishal would love to see receive your feedback.

 I have been practicing heartfulness meditation for the past very many years now. It is an extremely effective system of meditation and is being taught Free of charge, in a spirit of service to humanity. Promoting universal love and a harmonious way of life, are its key objective.  I invite readers to visit www.heartfulness.org to know more.

Article is written by Mr Vishal Ganeriwal.

Cannot be reproduced or used any commercial way without his written and express approval.

About the author

Vishal Ganeriwal

I am 40+ years old an employee turned businessman, a businessman turned business start coach, a public speaker turned soft skill trainer, meditator turned meditation trainer and a truth seeker turned vision growth partner.
For me Balance Is Success. I have always tried to maintain a balanced and honest approach to things whether it be my professional life, business, relationships, parenting or training.
I am a believer in true value creation, win-win mindset and that TRUST is the key ingredient that drives sales. When these principles are followed Business becomes a tool for money-making, personal growth, and creating a positive social impact. For me making money is one of the important aspects of business but surely not the only one.
You will find in my articles a blend of spiritual and material aspects, much of which comes from my own experience in implementing these principles. All my articles will reflect my own learnings arising from own experience, intuitive insights and sometimes researched facts with credit given to such other trustable sources.
One of my key objectives behind writing these articles is to inspire the reader to explore more the teachings and meditation technique of The Heartfulness Way, which I myself have been trying my best to follow over the last 24 years.
My articles will talk about the applied side of these teachings and how this wisdom helps bring balance in our approach to things and which then leads to Abundance, Joy and Harmony in whatever we do. Heartfulness meditation is taught free of charge by the heartfulness institute. Visit www.heartfulness.org to know more.
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