Heartful Initiatives

Initiative 1.

Together For WE

Together For WE

This is an initiative to bring budding goodness campaigners from all over the world on to a single platform to help unlock the “WE” in the “ME”. We want these budding goodness campaigners to become community influencers who will inspire people around them to become goodness campaigners themselves. The platform provided quality learning resources, win-win earning opportunities, and methods to channelize and increase our giving potential. This initiative was called Heartful Learners Eccademy when it was launched.

Heartful Learners’ Eccademy

As per out current growth strategy we open the community’s Free Membership every 3 months. This ensures every 3 months the earlier batch has gone through adequate learning and mentoring. Please write to us if you wish to be part of this initiative. This initiative was started in August 2020 and is in its early phases. All goodness campaigners from all over the world are welcome to join. Take benefit and contribute too to strengthen goodness all around our troubled world.

Initiative 2

Lets 1000x Heartfulness

This is an initiative undertaken to motivate and digitally equip 1000 Heartfulness volunteers to reach 2000 new spiritual seekers over the next 2 years and digitally mentor at least 5% of them to become serious about the practice of Heartfulness.

What is the 1000X Heartfulness Initiative

If you are already a part of the Heartfulness movement you will get information about joining this initiative from time to time. You can contact us using the below form. This is an initiative founded by me in the spirit that Heartfulness is a volunteer-driven movement. We are 800 plus visionaries already and counting.

To know more about this wonderful spiritual movement visit www.heartfulness.org and get your first experience in connecting with your inner self. Meditation is taught FREE of charge.