An Interview with Heartful Coach Deepak Varma

India’s Foremost IKIGAI Coach

Name of Coach: Deepak Varma

Niche: IKIGAI the ancient secret to long life and good health


Vishal(V) : Hi Deepak

Deepak (D) : Hi Heartful Vishal

V: Thank you. So you remember… niche name

D: Sure…you are doing great job and attempting to manifesting a wonderful Vision.

V: Yes…but it started with the idea of IKIGAI that you introduced me to. It was one of the initial triggers. Thank you so much

D: Great. Guess what goes around comes around

V: Ha..Ha. Got me. So tell me how is your vision to take the message of IKIGAI to everyone in this world taking shape?

D: Excellent. It has been evoling and co-creating… It all started in a measured way and more and more people are appreciating the message and joining in and participating in their own ways.

V: What are your recent strides in this area?

D: Well Vishal we are building on day by day, week by week and quarter by quarter. We now have website, a facebook page, a monthly webinar Masterclass, a structured LMS friendly course. One on One coaching format is coming soon.

V: That a lot of distance covered Deepak.

D: Yes, but miles to go before I sleep

V: How about your work in the area of communication

D: Speakology™ is growing very well. Receiving very rewarding testimonials. I have shared some with you.

V: Yes, they are amazing. How do you see my upcoming initiative Win-Win Niche

D: The idea is wonderful. You are proceeding from the seed idea on IKIGAI and making it into something that can have win-win impact on people’s life. Creating meaningful and effective work zones for people to operate from is vital.With the right impetus, it can have a huge domino effect. Good Luck

V: Thanks Deepak. Coming from the same Heartfulness family we both know how very important it is to live a life that integrates the material and spiritual side of things. It may not be so very evident still, but I personally believe having a spiritual foundation to your material life can be a big X factor in the future, with things becoming more and more uncertain at one end and AI more and more emerging substitute for the logical part of our brains

D: Sure Vishal. I could not agree more. Also wanted to tell you that I am also offering wholistic treatment using aspects of regression therapy under my brand HEALIFY. Currently, I am offering only one on one consulting here.

V: That is so wonderful. I am sure people will benefit from your offering. How has the response to your book Amazon best-selling book The Joyful Quotient been?

D: Just great, beyond expectation. Currently only digital version available. Plan to get more physical copies printed soon. Tell me about your maiden author venture?

V: Oh yes. I co-authored a book with Mr Amit Khandelwal on the topic “Creativity: God’s Gift For Excellence”. We have just published it and it is available on leading marketplace website and also on It is about using one of the most important assets gifted to humanity to learn uniquely and unlock your unique talents.

D: Hope your book does very well. A very interesting topic. I am sure you guys would have been at your own creative best while writing the book!

V: Yes Deepak. It was quite an experience, especially the creative flow that both of us experienced while moving forward with the book. I await your review

D: Sure Vishal. Would love it

V: Thanks Deepak and good luck to the foremost IKIGAI coach in India.

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